Über Filabé

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Who we are.

The entire world of cosmetics is filled with different kinds of creams at the moment. The entire world? No! A company of unyielding fighters is staging a brave resistance campaign. ;)

Our success.

Launched in the Swiss market just three years ago, Filabé has already triggered a veritable movement in its domestic market. Today, Filabé is the second most important provider in the market segment for anti-blemish products. And it keeps growing.

Our mission.

Cosmetics? We would rather talk about healthy skin. That is why we do not simply sell products, but support people who want to heal their skin problems and maintain healthy skin. Filabé does everything differently than conventional providers.

Filabé charter

  1. If you are at peace with your skin, you can make a greater difference as an individual.
  2. If you want to make a greater difference as an individual, you will set off, leave the beaten path and inspire others to grasp new opportunities!
  3. Only by rejecting doctrines can you find your true self. If you reject doctrines, you will enjoy life to the fullest.

I face the truth!