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Cosmetics with a system.
Better for us. Better for the environment.

Without water, there can be no life.
Let us protect it.


“Go into your bathroom and open your medicine cabinet. Now throw away all of your tubes, jars, ointments and make-up.” This was how the conversation ended when the weekly newspaper “DIE ZEIT” interviewed Nathalie Chèvre, an ecotoxicologist at the University of Lausanne, in the fall of 2017 (issue 27). 

The first recyclable skin care.

Let’s go the extra mile.


Filabé is a night-care regimen that dispenses with creams and, therefore, all additives. Filabé only supplies the skin with active ingredients, without any oils, fats or additives whatsoever. As a result, no harmful substances get into your skin or into the water. 

Environmentally friendly.

It’s a start.


According to a study by an independent institute specializing in sustainability studies, Filabé is less harmful to the environment than conventional skin care products. Nevertheless, Filabé is learning more every day about how we can further decrease our ecological footprint. 



It’s this simple.

Dry it.
After using the wipes, allow them to dry and save them.

Pack it.
Place them in the return bag provided.

Send it.
Simply send them back free of charge.

"More than 71% of those surveyed think additives damage their skin."*


* 2017 Filabé street poll of 1,400 Swiss people