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You can find FAQs further down on this page. The Ask Markus team would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.


Auf die meist gestellten Fragen findest Du hier Antworten. You can find the answers to frequently asked questions here. Vous trouverez ici la réponse aux principales questions posées.

What is the difference between Filabé and traditional make-up removing wipes?

Traditional make-up removing wipes only clean the surface of the skin and are usually loaded with chemicals. Filabé works with water to deliver pore-deep cleansing while at the same time exfoliating gently and opening the pores so they can absorb the active ingredients in Filabé.

Filabé eliminates blemishes and delivers its active ingredients to the skin in a single step. How can something be removed and applied at the same time?

The wipe’s fibers are not completely covered in active ingredients. The free parts of the fibers can therefore absorb dirt, make-up and excess dead skin cells and the fibers can deliver the active ingredients to the cleansed areas of the skin. These can then be absorbed by the skin unimpeded by additives. Studies have shown that the beads of active ingredients contained in Filabé are delivered into the skin very quickly.

Why are polyester and polyamide included as ingredients although the Filabé formula is natural?

Polyester and polyamide are the basic materials for the wipe and not ingredients. The wipe contains dried liposomes, which are tiny, cell-like beads of active ingredients that also deliver the other active ingredients. Only these are supplied to the skin.

What is OM24™ and who developed it?

OM24™ was developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, one of the world’s leading institutes of technology. The rights to it are held by a spin-off of the ETH. The relevant ingredients of the tea plant are extracted using a specially developed process that preserves the potency and effectiveness of the active ingredients. Studies have proven that it is highly effective. In collaboration with Omnimedica and Swiss dermatologists, Filabé was able to encapsulate the tea extracts in liposomes to develop two new products especially intended for sensitive, stressed skin.

Why do people over the age of 21 need a different product to treat pimples?

The skin as an organ only really matures during puberty. It reaches its peak around the age of 22, after which initial aging processes can set in. We therefore differentiate between pimples and blemishes in pubescent and postpubescent or “adult” skin. The skin’s regeneration process takes distinctly longer in adult skin than in young skin. In addition, adult skin with pimples is often affected by additional irritation and redness. In order to target this problem in particular, we use OM24™ in the product for pimples in adults, Skin Clear Adult, as tea extract is very helpful in fighting irritation and has a positive effect on cell aging.

Should pressure be used to apply Filabé or should it be applied gently?

Filabé should be applied with light pressure.

Which side of the Filabé wipe should I use?

When using Filabé, only use the soft side of the wipe.

Does Filabé also remove waterproof make-up?

Filabé does not contain any oily additives, so it does not remove waterproof make-up perfectly.

Do I have to apply a moisturizer after using Filabé?

The best time to apply Filabé is at night before you go to bed. This is the perfect time because, like all your other organs, your skin regenerates overnight. 

However, Filabé not only soothes your skin with active ingredients, it also eliminates the oversupply of unnecessary substances (e.g. fats, oils and the other ingredients in creams). It lets your skin optimally regenerate overnight and regain its natural balance. Therefore, it would be ideal for your skin’s health if you refrain from applying any other products after Filabé.


Should you wish to apply a cream after Filabé out of habit, you may do so. However, experience has shown that the longer you use Filabé, the more your skin will reactivate its own resilience. This is an important step towards restoring your skin’s natural balance.

Important to note when using Filabé Skin Clear Young and Skin Clear Adult: Applying a cream before or after Filabé Skin Clear Young and Adult tends to be counterproductive, because the oil in a moisturizer interferes with sebum reduction, seals the pores and prevents the skin from breathing.

Can I reuse Filabé?

On a limited basis. When the wipe is initially moistened, the liposomes are released so the specific effect when reusing it can no longer be measured. We also discourage reuse for hygiene reasons.

Is there a minimum age from which to use Filabé? A maximum age?

Filabé can be used from puberty to advanced age.

Can Filabé be used on sunburned skin?

No, as the skin is too sensitive then.

What is the best time of day to use Filabé?

The best time to apply Filabé is at night before you go to bed. This is the perfect time because, like all your other organs, your skin regenerates overnight. 

What is the morning skincare regimen?

During the day, your skin is exposed to many damaging factors, such as fine dust, solar radiation, increased sebum production due to stress and others. This is why your skin needs protection. We recommend cleansing your face as gently as possible (ideally with lukewarm water or Filabé Balanced Skin) and then applying a day cream.

Are impurities and make-up reapplied to the skin during use?

No, the wipe fully absorbs make-up and impurities.

Can I use Filabé if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, you can use Filabé if you are pregnant or breastfeeding without any problems, since it doesn’t contain any harmful additives. However, we do not recommend using Filabé on the breast if you are breastfeeding.

My skin felt tight. Is that normal?

This may happen, in particular to people who regularly use creams.

Your skin may feel tight because it has been cleansed right down to the pores and there is very little oil left on your skin. This is good, for only then can your skin produce its own oily film, free of any harmful substances. This allows it to regain its natural balance.

The fat in creams disrupts this natural process, which is essential for healthy skin. So the skin must first be weaned off of oily creams, which is why it can take a few days, or even two to three weeks, for the feeling to disappear. It pays to give your skin time, for after getting through this phase, it will have reestablished its own rhythm and regained its natural balance. And exactly that is the goal.

How long do I have to use Filabé daily before I see initial results?

Unfortunately, the rate of change is difficult to influence by external factors. Depending on your age and the condition of your skin, the epidermis takes between 28 and 70 days to regenerate. It can take this long for initial results to become visible. Healthy, beautiful skin doesn’t come about overnight; it takes time and care.

Will Filabé lose its effect if I use it every day for an extended period?

No, long-term use generates optimal results.