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Filabé – the perfect night-time care.

Your evening:


the best time to apply Filabé is at night before you go to bed. Because Filabé helps your skin with night regeneration, freeing it from everything that could stress it.


Your morning:


ideally, wash your face with just water in the morning, or with Filabé again if necessary. As your skin is exposed to the environment during the day, we recommend a light day cream with UV protection.

This is how it works

It’s very simple.

Every night before you go to bed:
you moisten a cloth with water so that it is damp, but not dripping wet.

Massage your face with the soft side for about 40 seconds. This cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes your skin with active ingredients in one easy step. Afterwards, do not apply any other skin care products. 

When you are finished using the wipe, you can throw it away. Or better yet, send it back to us for recycling. The wipes will then be reused for something other than cosmetics.


It’s this simple.

Dry it.
After using the wipes, allow them to dry and save them.

Pack it.
Place them in the return bag provided.

Send it.
Simply send them back free of charge.

Do you have any
questions about
Filabé or your skin?