Aging Skin Balanced

Reduces wrinkles and slows the aging of the skin.

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Responsible cosmetics.

Because healthy skin also needs a healthy environment.


Filabé does not contain any animal products.


Filabé has never laid a finger on any animal.


Creams end up in wastewater. You can send Filabé back to us.

Your skin, up close and personal.

Your skin type:

Is your skin more mature? Are you noticing the first signs of skin aging and reduced elasticity? Is your skin sometimes sensitive? Then this product is for you. It is a night-care regimen that spares your skin from all irritating additives and effectively fights skin aging.

What you can achieve:

Stem cell extracts from the argan tree and Uttwiler Spätlauber apples, an ancient Swiss variety, strengthen the epidermis, tighten the cell structure and rejuvenate the complexion. Your skin is gently cleansed every day, thoroughly nourished, moisturized and its defenses are strengthened. Your complexion becomes fresher and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Proven effectiveness.

How it works:

Your skin is constantly regenerating. In adults, a complete regeneration cycle takes between 28 and 70 days depending on your age and the condition of your skin. Filabé supports the skin’s regeneration and you will be able to see an improvement after just a few days. A lasting, dramatic change can usually be seen after the completion of a full skin regeneration cycle.

A new technology that works.

Filabé does everything differently. And therefore better.

New transfer of active ingredients.

While traditional cosmetics use creams to deliver active ingredients to the skin, Filabé uses the ultrafine microfibril wipe as a delivery vehicle. This means that Filabé can eliminate creams altogether. And this has some clear advantages.

100% active ingredients.

The microfibril wipe contains dried liposomes, which are tiny, cell-like beads of active ingredients that deliver our other active ingredients. When you clean your skin with the microfibril wipe, you are optimally preparing it for a completely new experience: It comes into direct contact with nothing but active ingredients, which it can absorb unimpeded.

Free from additives.

No cream is able to dispense with additives because at the very least it requires an emulsifier. But oils, fats, parabens, fragrances and all of the other additives not only prevent active ingredients from being absorbed, they are also the most common cause of skin irritation and are very harmful to the environment. Filabé is the only skin care system that is 100% free from additives!

Kerstin, 41
Optician, Cologne

„Perfectly happy? Can I“

How it works!

It’s very simple.

Every night before you go to bed: Moisten a wipe so that it is wet all over, but not dripping wet.

Massage your face with the soft side for about 40 seconds. This cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes your skin with active ingredients in one easy step. Afterwards, do not apply any other skin care products.

When you are finished using the wipe, you can throw it away. Or better yet, send it back to us for recycling. The wipes will then be reused for something other than cosmetics.

For lasting rejuvenation.

Order Aging Skin Balanced now. For youthful skin that makes a visible impression.

  • 95% of users recommend Filabé to their loved ones
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • Skin tolerance: “very good” rating

Box in a subscription

CHF 54.00*VAT 7.7% included

Receive 28 wipes every four weeks.

  • Subscription can be cancelled effective immediately after three deliveries.
  • Product in the subscription can be easily changed.
  • Free shipping; you save 12.9% compared to a box.

* Free shipping.



CHF 59.00*VAT 7.7% included

Contains 28 Aging Skin Balanced wipes.

  • Perfect for trying Aging Skin Balanced for the first time. 
  • Delivery within two to three business days.
  • Free shipping on orders over CHF 100.00.

* Plus CHF 3.00 shipping.