Our bestselling product to 
eliminate pimples, blackheads and oily skin.

Skin problems?

A new technology

A more intelligent wipe – loaded with active ingredients.

We think your skin can do more.

Filabé supports your skin as it restores
and  stabilizes its natural balance.

Filabé is based on natural ingredients, 100% free of additives and vegan. Only water, the ultra-fine microfibril wipe and the active ingredients it contains are applied to your skin.

With Filabé, your skin no longer needs products loaded with unnecessary ingredients. It lets your skin optimally regenerate overnight and regain its natural balance.

Filabé is recyclable skin care. It helps keep waterways clean by avoiding the oils, fats, microplastics, silicones, detergents and parabens found in conventional skin care products.

Only new methods lead to new results.

An intelligent wipe.
Loaded with active ingredients.
The patented solution from Switzerland.


We think Filabé has a smarter solution than creams do for delivering active ingredients to the skin. Dry active ingredients are stored in an ultrafine microfibril wipe. And because they are dry, no additives are required.

Filabé – an intelligent approach.
What about a cream? You only need one during the day for sunscreen.


At night, your skin enters a regeneration phase. That’s why it should be free of anything that could impede its natural nightly metabolic processes. For this reason, it’s best to avoid night creams.

Which Filabé product is right for my skin type?

Discover the products in our skin care system.

“78% of those surveyed don’t believe anything the cosmetics industry tells them.”*




* 2017 survey of 1,400 Swiss people conducted by an independent market research institute.

Online Skin-Coaching

The optimum personal service for the skin.


What is your
skin type?


Skin TV

Do you want to learn more
about healthy skin?
And how you can
make your skin healthier?

Skin Mail

Do you have feedback, concerns or
questions that you’d like to discuss directly with Markus and his team?

Filabé is more than a product. It is a promise for how we want to treat ourselves and the environment: Therefore, Filabé not only satisfies your needs with its products, it also provides excellent service for skin-related issues. Markus is the CEO of Filabé. He and his team invite you to participate in online skin coaching.

Responsible cosmetics.

Because healthy skin also needs a healthy environment.


Filabé does not contain any animal products.


Filabé has never laid a finger on any animal.


Creams end up in wastewater. You can send Filabé back to us.

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Systematic care.

Rid your skin of its problems – with a new ritual.

Phase one

Eliminating skin problems.

These products correct specific
skin problems and balance your skin.

Skin Clear Young

Up to age 22 - Intelligent facial care against pimples, blackheads and oily skin.

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Skin Clear Adult

From age 22 - Intelligent facial care for the treatment of oily skin, pimples and blackheads.

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Irritated Skin

Intelligent facial care for the treatment of irritated, very dry skin.

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Uneven Skin Tone

Intelligent facial care for the treatment of hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

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Phase two

Improving your skin’s balance.

These products promote long-lasting healthy skin. If you do not have skin problems, you can start here.

Balanced Skin

Intelligent facial care for
sensitive, balanced skin.

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Aging Skin Balanced

Intelligent facial care to slow down the formation of wrinkles and the aging of the skin.

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