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Then & Now

Schau Dir die Resultate von Filabé-AnwenderInnen an.

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Take a look at the results of Filabé users.

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Regarde les résultats des utilisateurs/-trices de Filabé.

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Annika had pimples and oily skin. Her product: Skin Clear Adult

Tabea had redness and pimples. Her product: Irritated Skin


Céline had blemishes and dry skin. Her product: Irritated Skin

Lea, 21, had pimples and oily skin. Her product: Skin Clear Young

Lelia, 20, had oily and blemished skin. Her product: Skin Clear Young

Gina had oily and blemished skin. Her product: Skin Clear Adult

Lorena had oily skin and pimples. Her product: Skin Clear Adult

Sabrina had combination skin with pimples and scars. Her product: Balanced Skin

Patricia, 21, had oily and blemished skin. Her product: Skin Clear Young

Wendy, 21, had oily skin and pimples. Her product: Skin Clear Young

Romina had oily skin with pimples. Her product: Skin Clear Adult

Jana had oily, blemished skin. Her product: Skin Clear Adult

The before and after photos are real. The people giving testimonials used Filabé every evening. The skin is cleansed down to the pores, gently exfoliated and nourished with 100% active ingredients.

For every skin type – find the right Filabé for you!

Filabé is based on natural ingredients, 100% free of additives and vegan. Only water, the ultra-fine microfibril wipe and the active ingredients it contains are applied to your skin.

With Filabé, your skin no longer needs products loaded with unnecessary ingredients. It lets your skin optimally regenerate overnight and regain its natural balance.

Filabé has a comprehensive approach to creating and stabilizing healthy skin. Filabé not only corrects skin problems and their symptoms, it also prevents the recurrence of problems.

Statements from our Models

Uses Filabé Irritated Skin

«Imagine we trust the body that it can do something.»

Uses Filabé Balanced Skin

“Imagine if the cosmetics industry eliminated all animal testing.”

Uses Filabé Uneven Skin Tone

«Imagine if we finally made friends with nature.»

Uses Filabé Skin Clear Young

«Imagine we change our behavior for a better future.»

Uses Filabé Skin Clear Adult

«Just imagine how good it would feel to be at ease with yourself and your skin.»

Uses Filabé Balanced Skin

«Imagine being allowed to end traditions.»


Imagine what we can achieve if we have the courage to try new things together. If we have the courage to challenge pre-existing notions instead of perpetuating them, to make a radical new start. This is the only way for new ideas to take hold. And only then can we be at peace with ourselves.


This is exactly what Filabé is doing: we are completely rethinking skin care, we are focusing on what the skin needs and for the first time freeing it of all additives. Filabé dares to question the doctrines and concepts of old cosmetics and is finally countering them with more modern and positive values and images. 


This is why Filabé has long become more than a product. Filabé has grown into a movement. A movement of people who are freeing themselves from all paradigms, who are making peace with themselves and their skin and thus sharing a common experience: we are all capable of more if we have the courage to try new things. Now we must take the first step.


And isn’t today the perfect day to set out together?